Research Communications

Our mission in Research Communications is to raise the visibility and profile of UGA research while also serving as a link between Office of Research services and the thousands of investigators across the university enterprise.

We communicate UGA research through words, images and video, disseminating these stories through an array of digital channels and in collaboration with colleagues across campus and beyond. The knowledge and applications developed at UGA change lives, and our job is to bring this impact to life for audiences around the world, including news media, industry and business leaders, elected and other public officials, granting agencies, alumni, UGA faculty, staff and students, and the taxpayers who support us.

We also help investigators and labs do their work more effectively and efficiently by supporting the activities of other Office of Research units, including the Sponsored Projects Administration, Research Integrity and Safety, Innovation Gateway, and other units.

If you need to stay up to date with the latest news affecting UGA researchers, subscribe to our publications and follow us on social media. We’ll do our best to keep you aware, informed—and even entertained.