The ԹϺ’s (CURO) provides hands-on experience to undergraduate students. One of the cornerstones of UGA’s commitment to experiential learning, CURO’s goal is to allow students the opportunity to explore their interests with guided assistance from experienced research faculty.

The program empowers undergraduates from their very first year, pairing them with mentors across diverse fields, and offers guidance throughout their research journey.

Emilio Ferrera, a senior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, seized the opportunity with CURO as a freshman. He began working in lab, further opening doors to a potential career in biotechnology. Ferrera served as a 2023 CURO Summer Fellow, dedicating his efforts to studying CRISPR-Cas genetic modifications to immune systems within Terns’ lab.

His journey exemplifies CURO’s commitment to nurturing meaningful research experiences for talented undergraduates.

Experience more of Ferrera’s story with CURO in the video above.